Anne is energetic, creative, and highly intelligent, and she does what she says she will do, however high the odds seem against success. I look forward to future collaborations with her. - Richard Owens, Executive Director, Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, University of Toronto

Creative, innovative, focused and results oriented are the first characteristics that come to mind when I think of Anne. In all my interactions with Anne I have been impressed with her drive but most importantly with her abilities to focus various, sometimes disparate, ideas towards a common outcome. I admire Anne for how and what she has accomplished with Young Inventors International. - Walid Madhoun, Association for Universities and Colleges of Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Anne briefly in her role as President of Young Inventors International. She did a remarkable job in marshaling and organizing disparate resources and people to form a cohesive organization that I am certain was of great benefit to young inventors and entrepreneurs. Anne is a natural and charismatic leader who I am certain will achieve even greater accomplishments as her career progresses. - David Ma, Partner, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP

Anne embodies entrepreneurship - she has dedicated herself to solving some of the world's tough social and technological problems by encouraging and mentoring young social entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. Be sure not to miss her event if she comes to a city near you. - Eric Melin, Founder,

Over the years I have engaged with Anne in many group exchanges where I have witnessed a brilliant young mind at work. Her ability to be forward thinking and entrepreneurial in identifying and advancing new technologies that will make our world a better place amazes me. Anne has attended many conferences sponsored by the Kingbridge Conference Centre and Institute. During these events thought leaders from many industries gather to discuss topics related to change that needs to occur within our organizations and communities and Anne always surfaces new insights to ponder. - Lisa Gilbert, General Manager, Kingbridge Conference Centre and Institute

I had the privilege of participating in the 5th annual conference of Young Inventors International. Anne did an incredible job organizing the event from start to finish and this is reflected not only in the quality of the speakers she attracted but the glowing reviews from student entrepreneurs. Anne is a consummate entrepreneur who has an amazing track record of coming up with new ideas and making them a reality. A lot of entrepreneurs could learn a lot by following her example. I'm looking forward to collaborating with her in the future. - Raymond Luk, Founder, Managing Director, Flow Ventures

Anne is a special innovator and motivator who has organized young innovators around the world. Highest recommendation. - Bob Buderi, Founder, CEO, Editor in Chief, Xconomy

Anne is an energetic, goal-driven individual with a talent for bringing people together. She has great attention to detail and her follow-through is impeccable. - Evan Anderson, Director, Widget Works

I had the great pleasure of working with Anne at Young Inventors International (YII) from 2004 to 2007. Anne is energetic and enthusiastic about everything she does, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Over the years her passion for entrepreneurship, manifested in the work she has done through YII, has inspired and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and inventors. I am proud to endorse any initiative that Anne undertakes as I know she will make it a success. - Bryan Watson

Anne has about the best combination of traits having tireless energy while being creative, effective and a real pleasure to work with. - Allen Dines, Assistant Director, Corporate Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anne single-handedly does more to help student entrepreneurs than anyone I know! The annual Young Inventors International Conference brings together the critical areas of expertise to provide the knowledge and guidance in a fun and relaxing format. - Deborah Kelly, Principal, Creative Marketing Strategies

About Young Inventors International

The MIT Public Service Center is proud to host the first Young Inventors International conference to be held in the US, and very pleased to support the work of Anne Swift and her organization. In MIT's entrepreneurial culture, "Inventing the Future" is an important and practical subject, and the staff of Young Inventors International has recruited an excellent group of presenters for the conference. - Sally Susnowitz, Assistant Dean and Director, MIT Public Service Center

RBC Technology Ventures believes that Young Inventors International plays a crucial role in connecting innovators to valuable resources and a vibrant international network. We are delighted to support the organization as it grows to assist an increasing number of leading young minds. - Susan Smith, Former CEO of RBC Technology Ventures

The Centre for Innovation Law and Policy has a mandate to foster innovation in Ontario.  Young Inventors is a perfect partner for us, because it so effectively promotes innovation at a grass roots level, and at the same time networks local inventiveness to expertise around the world. Dynamic, practical and productive, YII is an organization we are proud to support. - Richard Owens, Chairman of the Innovations Foundation and Executive Director of the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy (host of the 2003 and 2005 Inventing the Future Conferences)

*From LinkedIn Recommendations